• Hiring a ‘top performer’ over an ‘average performer’ yields up to 67% more productivity and profit. – McKinsey
  • 1 out of 4 people is “higher risk” for low productivity, absenteeism, turnover, theft, fraud, violence, accidents, more.
  • Traditional interviewing has a 50% success rate in hiring people who become ‘good’ or ‘high’ performers.
  • In an interview, you can see experience, skills, education, appearance, verbal communication, background check data.
  • What you can’t see (and why you need assessments) is to predict:

    • Defaults, impulses, character
    • How someone acts when nobody is watching
    • How someone is most likely to behave in future


  • Candidates can complete most of our assessments within 10 minutes and on any device, making it an easy step to add to your selection workflow.
  • You can benchmark ideal score ranges per job type to help predict success – a Sales Rep needs a different profile than a Director of Operations afterall!
  • Find more innovative / visionary thinkers to help improve current practices or move in a new direction
  • Reports include personalized interview questions to help you probe into areas of strength AND areas of potential concern.
  • Better interviews help you make better hiring decisions. We recommend you weigh assessment scores around 25% of your hiring, along with experience, reference and background checks and interview impressions.
  • Look beyond Person-Job-Fit to Person-Organization-Fit. Identify candidates who will fit your culture to build strong teams that thrive.



“TalentClick has helped highlight the ideal candidate for the position. By doing so, it has decreased the risk to the organization and saved precious training dollars.”

– Deputy Fire Chief –