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Personalized Orientation

Addressing Safety in Employee Orientation

Leveraging Personality Assessments to Build Personalized Orientation As a rule of thumb, employee risk assessments should not just be used once, rather for assessing risks on an ongoing basis. TalentClick’s […]

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Prevent Predictable Incidents, Blog Feature

Prevent Predictable Incidents (Video)

Research shows that nearly 90% of incidents can be attributed to some level of human error, with personality risk factors like “Distractibility”, “Anxiousness”, and “Impulsiveness” causing otherwise rational people to […]

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Stephen Race Video, Blog Feature

Human Error Linked to Workplace Incidents

Forward thinking companies are recognizing an often-overlooked third pillar of workplace incident prevention: Managing Human Error. In our first Video Blog, TalentClick’s co-founder, Stephen Race, shares his story about how […]

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