Commercial Drivers Safety Research Study

TalentClick and 4 Transportation companies collected a research data sample to determine the relationship between attitude, values and personality and high-risk driving behaviors in order to predict and decrease road […]

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Adult Driver Research Study

TalentClick and Insight Driving Solutions (with consultation from Psychologist Dr. John Vavrik) conducted a research study on how personality is linked to driver behaviors. The purpose of the study was […]

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Forklift Racing, Blog Feature

Beware the Forklift Racetrack

The Consequences of Group Think Yes, we said it: Forklift Racetrack! It's not something you would ever hear about in blogs, magazines, or the evening news (hopefully not). Why is […]

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License to Not Be Yourself

License to NOT be yourself

A driver's license is almost a freedom license, especially if you ask anyone who has just received one for the first time. It gives the holder access to the open […]

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