A Very High Risk Tolerance, Blog Feature

Can Your Workers Spot Safety Risks?

Measuring Workers’ Risk Tolerance When striving to create the safest, most productive job site, safety programs matter. We’ve discussed many ways that you can implement strong safety programs on The Safety […]

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Forklift Racing, Blog Feature

Beware the Forklift Racetrack

The Consequences of Group Think Yes, we said it: Forklift Racetrack! It's not something you would ever hear about in blogs, magazines, or the evening news (hopefully not). Why is […]

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Safety Program Rules, Blog Feature

5 Reasons Why Safety Programs Fail

Why A Strong System Isn't Safe Enough A company’s safety program is a clear set of rules, procedures, equipment, and training designed to improve overall workplace safety and prevent incidents. […]

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Stephen Race Video, Blog Feature

Human Error Linked to Workplace Incidents

Forward thinking companies are recognizing an often-overlooked third pillar of workplace incident prevention: Managing Human Error. In our first Video Blog, TalentClick’s co-founder, Stephen Race, shares his story about how […]

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