talent assessment

Guided Interview Process

Using the Guided Interview Process

The TalentClick Guided Interview Process can help you save time and money by providing you interview questions personalized to the candidate’s unique personality. One of the most powerful tools within […]

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Interpreting Results

Interpreting TalentClick Assessment Results

Interpreting Results TalentClick assessments are effective because they are built on three primary facts: People differ in many different ways People’s differences translate into job performance differences People’s safety differences […]

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About TalentClick - BF

The Science Behind TalentClick

The Science Behind Safety. TalentClick’s mission is to impact positive workplace decisions for all job types, across all industries. We make it our goal to ensure that every single worker […]

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Improving Quality of Hire-BF

Improving Quality of Hire

A recent survey uncovers the challenges of improving quality of hire. The recruiting industry is in the midst of significant change. Now more than ever, there is overwhelming importance placed […]

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