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Want to predict which job applicant is 5 times more likely to be a top performer? Care to know who has a 30% higher probability of a bad attitude? Join thousands of business leaders in over 100 countries who use TalentClick behavioral assessments to hire and train top performers. It's easy, fast, mobile-friendly, available 24/7, and so affordable you can test everyone!

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Why Predictive Analytics with TalentClick?

The field of predictive analytics has exploded. 60-70% of Fortune 500 companies use assessments because they work. TalentClick is revolutionizing the industry with unlimited, customizable assessments that can be used on front-line workers throughout the employee life cycle. This way, you can use unbiased, actionable insights to build happier, safer, and more productive teams.

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35 %

Reduction in Employee Turnover

12 %

Increase in Productivity

40 %

Increase in Quality of Hire

26 %

Decrease in Lost-Time Injuries

Why TalentClick

I Highly Recommend TalentClick’s Assessment Solutions.

I always recommend TalentClick solutions to my corporate clients. TalentClick allows for better informed decisions about employee selection and safety. TalentClick is solutions oriented and if I have questions regarding a particular instrument, they ensure that I receive a prompt response to my inquiry. TalentClick Assessment Solutions have allowed me to grow my business to a new level.

John B, Authorized Partner

We wanted to know who we were dealing with on new hires.

Ease of use was key. The AVP assessment reports had to be used by field supervisors and hiring managers who do not hire a lot or relied on gut feel.
Their unlimited-use subscription-based licensing brought our cost-per-assessment price down to less than the price of a high-viz safety vest – a no-brainer budget-wise given the extremely high cost of a miss-hire, staff turnover or accident.


Our agency utilizes assessments to improve hiring decisions for clients.

The employee behavioural assessments are the best in the industry. Our clients across Canada have benefited from less staff turnover and a more engaged workforce.
The manufacturing and construction clients have seen a significant reduction in worker injuries and premium costs by utilizing the health and safety assessment tool provided by TalentClick.

Barry M., Vice President

Helped us increase retention of our high performers by 25%

Whether it’s to help interpret together a unique Assessment Report we have received back or to discuss Best Practices in a large scale industrial rollout (7,000 assessments in one case!), we find their support team accessible and first rate.
– Reduced turnover by 20% by pre-hire assessing 6,000+ job applicants over 3 years.
– Helped us increase retention of our high performers by 25%
– Helped lower our workplace safety incident rate by over 30%

Verified Reviewer

Accurate, easy to use tool

“It was uncanny how accurate the SPP was. The job-fit and culture-fit descriptions were great to see. I also liked how it showed where you stood on the scale between two opposing traits. Overall, it was super easy to use and a great tool for our team.”

Sports Technology Group

Excellent self-insights, and invaluable when working with teams

I really love the TalentClick assessment and would like to use it with everyone I work with! It’s an excellent tool for self-insight and understanding my own strengths and how to work with others. I also find it invaluable when working with teams. I give TalentClick a 5 star rating and look forward to working with the team in the future.

Gloria Cole, Facilitator
Pennsylvania CareerLink

Excellent tool for finding the most qualified candidates

TalentClick has provided us with an excellent tool to assess candidates and deliver the most qualified talent to our organization. We are impressed by their professionalism and responsive customer service acumen.

Sylvia Fritz, Manager Career Resource Center
SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority)

Saves time and provides valuable insights for hiring managers

I love this tool. We have a high volume of applicants when hiring for peak seasons, so this saves us a great deal of time in the screening process. We were able to hire strong associates during our busy Christmas season quickly and without any issues with performance. Results from the assessments were very accurate and provided great insight. We have a lot of first time managers, and it helps them interview with better questions to dig into certain areas. My team really valued and appreciated having a tool to help them grow and gain confidence in their leadership decision making.

Max Figueroa, Store Manager
Herschel Supply Company

Selecting an Assessment Provider?

We're proud of our 5 star rating on Capterra

How We Have Helped

$ 2billion savings from
decreased costs for


due to Employee Turnover

$ 900million savings from
decreased costs for


due to Employee Turnover

$ 6billion savings from
decreased costs for


due to Lost-Time Injuries


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