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See at a glance the 7 WPP dimensions (non-competitive vs. dominant, contented vs. achievement-focused, reactive vs. calm, reserved vs. outgoing, direct vs. empathetic, spontaneous vs. regimented, conventional vs. open-minded) with descriptions of different responses.

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When making a decision on which employee personality test to use, it is important to understand how the test should and should not be used in decisions like candidate screening and selection, and employee training and development.

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TalentClick, Insight Driving Solutions, and Psychologist Dr. John Vavrik conducted in 2014 to advance knowledge of the link between personality and road safety, with the overall goal of applying this knowledge to reduce accidents and make the roads safer for everyone.

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Your Guide to Personalized Safety Training

The effectiveness of safety training is largely dependent on how engaged the user is with course content.

This brief 5-page guide outlines how you can use Personalized Safety Training to make the most efficient use of your training dollars in reducing risk of incidents and injury on the job.

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Addressing Safety in the Hiring Process

Download Your Free Guide! This comprehensive 3-step guide includes of practical tips for hiring and retaining top performers who contribute positively to your workplace safety programs. Based on decades of research into behavior psychology, this Free Guide takes you through the process of leveraging personality risk assessments to hire safer employees, leading to a reduction…

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How to Get Problem Workers to Comply

Most managers and supervisors agree that a significant challenge in implementing a successful workplace safety program is compliance from certain vocal and influential members of their workforce. Register for your free copy of this report that outlines the top 5 action steps you can take to get problem workers to comply to corporate safety programs.

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