As a retail store manager, have you ever hired someone who ended up quitting within a few weeks? Or worse, someone whom you had to terminate shortly after hiring? It’s enormously frustrating, and a waste of your time interviewing and training…not to mention a potential loss of business from dissatisfied customers. 

While working in a customer-facing retail job might look easy, it isn’t for everyone. But for some people, it’s the perfect role and the perfect environment. The trick is to figure who is who, and to figure it out ahead of time. 

At TalentClick, we have a specialized assessment to help you predict who will be solid, long-term performers. And McKinsey & Co. research shows that “top performers” can yield up to 67% more productivity, revenue, and profit than “average performers,” and nowhere is this more applicable than in Sales.

Your store is open, and your sales are happening, so don’t wait. Contact us now to learn how we can help you reduce employee turnover, enhance your retail brand, and drive sales!

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