TalentClick AVP Assessment Solution — FAQs


What type of testing is performed? What is measured?

We believe that everyone is unique and that we are all born with “hard wired” personality traits and tendencies that drive our impulses and actions, including workplace behaviors. Our natural “default settings” lead to a successful fit with certain jobs and organizational cultures and to a poor fit with other jobs and cultures.

Our flagship assessment, the AVP (Attitude-Values-Personality), helps identify each individual’s core personality and work-related strengths. Our analytics predict not only success but also behavioral risk. We measure the likelihood of the person possessing high vs. low scores in these areas and more:

  • Attitude
  • Empathy
  • Outgoingness, sociability
  • Leadership, dominance
  • Achievement, ambition, drive
  • Resiliency, adaptability
  • Conformity
  • Responsibility, conscientiousness
  • Coachability
  • Impatience, aggression control
  • Rule compliance / defiance
  • Distractibility
  • Attention to detail
  • Impulsiveness

Does it really work?

Yes. In general, high-quality personality assessments are considered to be very accurate in predicting behaviors, and our tools align with that figure.
Our case studies and customer references demonstrate significant improvements in various metrics, such as:

  • Improved Quality of Hire
  • Decreased Employee Turnover
  • Reduced Theft, Fraud, Violence
  • Decreased Injuries, Fatalities
  • Reduced Property Damage
  • Fewer Work Stoppages



How can I get set up?

It’s easy. After you’ve authorized our agreement, our amazing customer service team will schedule some basic training with you. This usually takes about 1 hour and is conducted online. For more specific details, see below.

How do I start testing people?

Once you are set up as a customer, you will receive a unique link which you can email to people (job applicants, employees) along with instructions and an explanation. As well, the link can be posted on your company’s Intranet or ‘Careers’ job application web page.

At what part of the application/hiring process should the testing be done?

We recommend the testing be done after it is determined that an applicant/participant meets basic “checkbox” qualifications (examples: possessing valid driver’s license, mandatory certifications, legally entitled to work in the country, etc.). The assessment reports include recommended interview questions based on the results so we recommend the assessment be administered before a telephone interview or in-person interview.

How does someone physically do the assessment?

The questionnaire is completed online on any device (computer, tablet, mobile phone) with Internet access. Everything is cloud-based.

How long does an assessment take to do?

Our flagship behavioral assessment, the AVP (Attitude-Values-Personality) takes 10-15 minutes to complete. From this one questionnaire, we can produce multiple reports:

  • WPP (Workstyle & Performance Profile)
  • WVA (Work Values & Attitude)
  • SQ (Safety Quotient)
  • DSQ (Driver Safety Quotient)

For more details about each of these reports, please visit www.talentclick.com

Is it timed?

While it generally takes only 10-15 minutes, there is no time limit. People can take as much time as they like.

Can it be faked?

Our assessments are very difficult for people to fake or “game.” First, the survey questions are nontransparent (i.e. It is very difficult to know which answers will lead to more favorable scores). Second, the assessment has built-in measures to detect the level of honesty in a participant’s responses (motivational distortion) and our report triggers a red flag indicating someone’s results may be invalid. We also report if it appears that the participant has answered randomly.

Are there right or wrong answers?

No, there are no right or wrong answers to our behavioral assessments. We are careful to emphasize that there is no good or bad personality. Instead, it’s all about “fit” to a position and organization.

In what languages can the assessment be completed?

English Gujarati Portuguese Telugu
French (Canada) Hindi Punjabi Ukranian
French (France) Italian Romanian
Arabic Japanese Russian
Bengali Korean Slovak
Chinese (Simplified) Malay Spanish
Dutch Marathi Tagalog
German Polish Tamil


Can TalentClick translate the questionnaire and reports into other languages?

Yes, we can translate the survey questionnaire into a new language within 2-3 weeks’ notice. We can also translate the reports into a new language within 6 weeks. There may be additional costs.

How long does it take to see the results?

After a participant has completed the survey questionnaire, the results are processed automatically and delivered within 1 hour.

What is the delivery format?

We will create for you a ‘Customer User Account’ in our online portal, so you can access all reports and view, print, or forward to others. Additionally, reports can be automatically emailed as PDF attachments to recipients specified by you, the customer.


Who will see the report?

Your organization’s key contact can stipulate who will be able to receive or access the report. It can be 1 recipient or a number of people.

Will the results be used as a “pass” or “fail”?

Any type of assessment should NOT be used as a pass/fail or sole factor for an employment-related decision. We suggest that the results of a personality assessment should weigh in at approximately 25% of the overall decision and be used as just one of the sources of information to be used in hiring. We strongly recommend that employers continue to conduct interviews, skills testing, background checks, and reference checks.

Employers use the results for two primary purposes:

  1. Employee Selection (for hiring external people and/or promoting existing employees)
  2. Employee Training, Coaching, and Development

What should I do with the ‘Participant’ report?

Many organizations choose to send the Participant report directly to the employee, since it provides valuable insight to create self-awareness, self-coaching, and behavior modification.

Note: We do not recommend that the Participant report be provided to job applicants as part of the hiring process, but rather only to people who have been hired.

Is it difficult to interpret the results?

Unlike some assessments on the market, our reports are written in plain language and are easy to interpret. We provide basic training that sets everyone up for success. But, if you’d like additional training for a group of recruiters, trainers, or managers, we’re happy to provide that at an additional cost.

Is it worth taking the assessment every year?

Testing every year is not necessary because one’s personality is “hard wired” from birth and does not readily change. Therefore, one’s assessment scores would not change significantly within a year. However, there can be slight changes over time as we mature and gain life experiences. We suggest retesting after 3 years and strongly recommend re-testing after 5 years.

What is the ‘Validity Score’ on the Employer reports?

The Validity Score is a measure of how honest someone was being when answer the questions. The validity score will either say ‘Acceptable’ or ‘Caution’. Acceptable means the participant was truthful when completing the assessment. Caution means the individual was either distracted or trying to make their results look a certain way. If you see Caution, read the results with a grain of salt and verify areas that may seem ‘too good to be true’ by asking relevant interview questions and verify results with references.


Is the assessment Normative or Ipsative?

Our personality/behavioral assessments are normative, which is the gold standard for employee selection. With normative assessments, the data for individuals is analyzed (scored) against the appropriate normative group, whereas ipsative tests compare data against the same person. Because our behavioral assessments are normative, they are suitable for hiring and are legally defensible, unlike ipsative assessments, which are most suitable for team building exercises. (Examples of ipsative assessments are Myers Briggs, DiSC, Insights/Colours, and others).

Are the assessments Valid and Reliable?

Yes. The dimensions we measure are developed using factor analysis and verified using internal consistency reliability and convergent/discriminant validity. For ongoing validation, we correlate assessment results with various data points such as productivity, performance ratings, job fit considerations, organizational fit and much more to determine trends, training and coaching needs by job type, department, and other relevant categories. Correlations range from .15 to .38. For safety outcomes we have demonstrated that participants who score ‘high risk’ on key dimensions have up to a 400% higher safety incident rate. Reliability of the assessments are .75 to .88. We have conducted multiple validity studies across industries, regions and job types. Results demonstrate convergent validity.
Upon your request, we can provide the full Technical Manuals.


Are the tests compliant with government regulations?

Yes. Based on extensive research, our assessments meet the standards specified in the EEOC’s Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (1978), which addresses adverse impact (discrimination) in pre-hire assessments. Our on-staff experts have decades of experience with legal compliance, including the issue of adverse impact. Our analyses have demonstrated no adverse impact in our personality/behavioral assessments. Note: Cognitive assessments require extra steps during implementation to establish job relevance and appropriate cut scores.

How does your firm keep updated on applicable federal and state laws affecting employment screening?

We stay up to date on the legal aspects of pre-employment screening and strictly adhere to the laws governing it, best practices and guidelines. We stay up to date through SIOP (Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology) and updates from our legal partners.


What are the full details on ‘New Customer Implementation’?

There are two parts to our training for a new customer:

  1. Half of the training is ‘Administrator Training’ and focuses on using our technology. We instruct new customers on how to use the cloud-based portal to invite applicants to complete the assessment, how to retrieve reports, how to run group reports and team analytics, how to create additional benchmarks in future. Learning to use our portal is fairly easy and straightforward. You would select as many or as few people as you want to be administrators using the system, and the administrator training takes approx 1 hour.
  2. The other half of our training is ‘User Training’ and focuses more on the soft skills needed for interpreting the reports and using the information for pre-screening, interviews, performance management and coaching of a new hire.

Both parts of the training are usually conducted in online web sessions, and you can have as many people as you want on each session. All initial training is included at no charge.

What if I need more training or resources?

If you later request additional sessions (for example, if you hire new administrators in future), that’s when our professional services fee of $150/hr per hour kicks in. But, you may not need us at that point, because your existing administrators could likely do the cross training internally.

For all our training, there are also online video tutorials and written ‘Help’ materials to refer to later.
Finally, if you really wanted, we are happy to do the training in person, but we would charge for travel expenses and consulting time.


Do you have an internal trouble ticket system?

Yes. Customers can submit a ‘case’ which is received and reviewed immediately. 80% of our cases are resolved within 4 hours. Based on post-ticket evaluation surveys, our customer satisfaction rating is over 92% and our customer Net Promoter Score (recommend us to others) is 96%.


Can you and/or how do you handle billing an employer with multiple locations, or different departments?

Yes. We currently do this for many of our clients. We are flexible with billing options and can set up different departments/locations with separate assessment links and bill separately. Or we can consolidate billing and send to one central location – it’s up to you.

How do I pay?

We accept payment by cheque, Visa or Mastercard. The frequency of payment depends on your agreement type (typically monthly, quarterly or annual).


Is our data secure?

We leverage the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to increase our reliability, and to offer increased flexibility while adhering to the highest standards for security. TalentClick uses two separate AWS data centers, US West (Oregon) and Canada Central (Quebec).

We utilize AWS for infrastructure as a service (IAAS), and they are responsible for the underlying infrastructure. This infrastructure is comprised of the hardware, software, networking, and facilities that run AWS services in the USA and Canada. For information regarding Amazon’s extensive security controls, see their Overview of Security Processes Whitepaper. Also, see here for examples of Canadian public sector organizations utilizing AWS.

Do you store data in Canada?

Yes! Upon request, we can set up your assessments so that all your test information is stored on Canadian Servers.

Where is Canadian data stored?

TalentClick stores all Canadian employee assessment data in Montreal, Quebec with Amazon Web Services.


How is consent handled from the participant?

Once a participant has logged in to the system and is about to complete an assessment, that person must click on an “I Agree” button indicating that they are providing “informed consent”. The participant is given the option of reading the Terms and Conditions of use prior to clicking the “I Agree” button. Participants cannot complete the assessment if they have not clicked “I Agree” to the Terms of Use.

Is there any sensitive personal information retrieved from the candidate (i.e., Social Security #, Date of Birth)?

No. Furthermore, our assessment questionnaire does NOT ask invasive personal questions (for example, about childhood and personal life) unlike several other test publishers/vendors.


Can you integrate with Applicant Tracking Systems or HR Information Systems?

Yes. We have a ‘ready to use’ partner API and have also done integrations with major applicant tracking systems such as Oracle/Taleo and SAP/Success Factors.

What are your quality control procedures to ensure accuracy in reporting of results?

At a technical level, we perform regular quality assurance diagnostics to ensure reports are accurate, and we update our scoring algorithms on an annual basis.

How is security ensured in both accessing and transmitting data?

We enable SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 256 bit encryption for accessing and transmitting sensitive data.

What are your company’s procedures to protect, retain and destroy noncompany specific and personal information? This would include data, scores, tester demographic, information, etc.

Unless a customer requests otherwise, data submitted by participants who have completed an assessment will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone other than the parties who initiated the assessment process (the customer). TalentClick retains raw data submitted by participants and removes all participant identifying information after the time period requested by the client.


Where is TalentClick located?

TalentClick is a global company that happens to be headquartered in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

How long has TalentClick been in business?

TalentClick is a privately owned company that was incorporated in 2012. Our co-founders have been working in the industry for more than 30 years.

Who are your founders?

Our co-founders, Greg Ford and Stephen Race, have been working in the industry for more than 30 years. They have backgrounds in psychology, recruitment, human resources, and software technology.

What is TalentClick’s philosophy?

As humans, we all have strengths and weaknesses. We believe that there is no “right” or “wrong” personality, but rather it’s all about Fit with the role. When used properly, personality is a strong predictor of certain actions and behaviors that lead to organizational success. Our mission is to help companies around the world create happier, safer, and more productive workplaces!

There are other firms that provide assessments. Why should we choose TalentClick?

Here are our 10 biggest strengths and differentiators:

  1. We have a focus not just on general strengths but on Behavioral Risk. We help you reduce negative outcomes such as absenteeism, employee turnover, theft, fraud, violence, injuries, fatalities, property damage, and more.
  2. Unlimited-use subscriptions at a super-affordable price. The costs are so low that it lets you assess all applicants and all employees, if you want.
  3. Reports are short and written in easy-to-interpret plain language. You do not have to be certified to use our tools!
  4. Reports contain benchmarks and “ideal fit” scores so your recruiters can tell, at a glance, how likely the applicant is to be a high performer.
  5. Fit Score sorter which lets you instantly rank applicants so you can start with candidates who have scores at the top. This saves you a lot of time!
  6. Reports contain behavioral interview questions tailored to each person’s results. This helps with better interviews and reference checks.
  7. Reports contain performance management tips, which leads to better training and coaching of employees.
  8. Analytics functions that let you run reports by location, team, job type, and more. This business intelligence lets you spot performance patterns and gaps so you address organizational change management.
  9. Assessment questions are workplace-related and non-invasive. (ie. Unlike others, we don’t ask about childhood and upbringing, as those types of questions could put you, the employer, in a legally compromised position).
  10. Because we are the test creators and publishers (not resellers of someone else’s products), we can customize our solutions to your needs. All materials can be configured and even co-branded with your organization’s logo, color scheme, and language such as corporate values.

If you have other questions which we have not answered here, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to address them.

Thank you for your interest in TalentClick. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust and help you achieve your organizational goals!